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Don’t let fear of the unknown prevent you from a beautiful life

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Divorce

Most couples in Maryland get married intending to be together forever. Divorce may never be in the plans, but sometimes it becomes painfully obvious it is the right thing to do. Many people put it off, though, because of a fear of the unknown and having to do life alone. However, letting that fear win can prevent many individuals from living a beautiful post-divorce life — yes, it is possible.  

One woman’s story 

An editor at The New York Times recently shared her divorce story. It all began years ago when her marriage was falling apart, but she was scared of managing life without her husband. He had taken on the traditional male role, managing money, tackling house maintenance, and she took care of the kids. Despite her education, her career and financial security, she doubted her ability to handle everything. So, before filing for divorce, she started tackling small tasks, and little by little, she came to know she could manage life without him.  

After the divorce was finalized, she did feel overwhelmed. She was granted the marital home in the settlement, but it was a fixer-upper. It had problems, but as they came up she made calls and asked for help. She started handling things she never thought she’d have to, and it has all become easier. She is proud of herself and has learned that making it through the hard things has made her life more beautiful.  

Set yourself up for life after divorce 

There is life after divorce, and it can be great, even if it doesn’t feel that way right now. Maryland residents can help themselves by seeking settlement terms that allow them to better move forward after finalizing their marital dissolutions. Legal counsel can assist with this by helping one fight for divorce terms that are fair, balanced, and have one’s best interests in mind. 



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