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4 best practices for a more amicable divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | Divorce

It is common for couples parting ways to feel resentment, anger, or disappointment when a marriage ends. These emotions can make it difficult to work through Maryland family law issues like property division or child custody, which can lead to contentious or high-conflict divorce. Most people would prefer to separate amicably, as it makes every aspect of a breakup easier when a couple can remain civil. Although it is not always easy or possible to do so, here are some tips experts say can increase the likelihood of a low-conflict divorce: 

  • Never put children in the middle: Speaking ill about an ex to children is a surefire way to cause conflict between separating parents. It is also deeply harmful to children to be hearing negative things about their other parent, so it is important to avoid this. 
  • Assume the best intentions: Often in a divorce, it is common for people to think their ex is out to get them. Approaching a breakup with this mindset can make an amicable divorce difficult if not impossible. While individuals do need to protect themselves from possible bad intentions, behaving as if the other party is trying their best can make the situation easier to face. 
  • Value equity over equality in property division: One common misconception is that property division should be totally equal. However, the reality is that splitting things down the middle is not always the best way for each party to get the most of what they want. Rather, knowing what is the most important to each side and negotiating from there can provide a much more equitable outcome. 

Having an amicable divorce doesn’t mean a former couple has to be friends. In fact, friendship in the immediate aftermath of a divorce can be ill-advised, as it can get in the way of each party having a chance to grieve and work through their feelings on the situation. However, staying civil during a divorce and eventually working towards a friendly coparenting relationship is often ideal. Individuals going through a divorce in Maryland can get much-needed peace of mind and increase the odds of a smoother transition into the future by seeking legal advice from an experienced lawyer. 

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