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4 ways life may change after a car accident

Car accidents can seriously disrupt an individual’s life, both in the short and long term. Employment, insurance, health and even the vehicle one drives can all be deeply impacted by a collision. Understanding the potential changes and challenges that may follow a car accident can help Maryland car accident victims direct their efforts in seeking restitution. Here are four ways life can change after a car accident: 

  • Vehicle damage: One immediate way life can change after a car accident is needing to buy a new car if one’s vehicle is totaled, which can take both time and money to do.  
  • Injury and/or disability: Many injuries sustained during a car accident can leave long-term effects on those involved. In very serious cases, brain damage, paralysis, or injuries requiring serious rehabilitation and treatment may be involved. These injuries can strongly impact a person’s life, and treatment can often be expensive, especially if it is required for a long time or is specialized. 
  • Employment: Individuals who are hurt in a car accident could need to take time off from work. In some cases, they may not be able to return to the job they had before the accident. 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): It is relatively common for some involved in car accidents to experience a certain level of PTSD following the incident. This can affect sleep as well as daily functioning. Depending on the circumstances, therapy or medication may be required to treat the PTSD. 

Often, these changes come at a significant cost, both in terms of time and money. As such, it can prove beneficial to speak with a Maryland personal injury attorney as soon as possible following a car accident. A lawyer can help a victim seeking monetary damages to increase their chances for success. 

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