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Factors impacting the length of a divorce

When a couple decides to part ways, two of the most common questions they have are “How much will this cost?” and “How long will it take?” The answers to questions like these can differ a great deal depending on the person and circumstance, as a multitude of variables can impact the amount of time and resources a divorce requires. Some of the factors that impact the length of a divorce in Maryland can include:

  • The cause of the separation and how amicable the ex-couple is going into the divorce
  • If children are involved, especially if there are different ideas about custody and child support
  • Property shared between parties — for example, business owners might have more to consider in divorce compared to those with fewer shared assets
  • Spousal support considerations — and if one spouse financially supports the other, there may be more to work through here as well

Many people are interested in ending their marriage as quickly as possible. Certainly, there are some things that can be done to help increase the odds of a faster resolution. For example, being very open with one’s lawyer is important in order to get everything on the table prior to legal proceedings.

The amount of willingness to negotiate on both sides is also a significant factor. At the same time, people should know what their priorities and entitlements are in a divorce, as being too eager to end a marriage quickly could end up neglecting important details. An experienced Maryland family lawyer can help individuals find that balance between prioritizing an easy resolution and ensuring they are thorough with their considerations.

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