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Manipulative tactics to watch out for in a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2022 | Divorce

Divorce is almost always a stressful experience, even if both spouses come into the process in good faith. To make matters more challenging, some parties will attempt to be “sneaky” in a Maryland divorce or use certain manipulation tactics to get what they want. These tactics can include the following: 

  • Stalling or “dragging out” the process: One manipulative tactic that can be used in a divorce is attempting to wear down the other party by elongating the process. This can be done by over-involving courts, delaying sign-offs and repeatedly saying they have changed their mind on agreements. 
  • Rushing the process: Sometimes, a spouse can try to rush the process in hopes that the other party will not pay close attention to financial details or other relevant information. It’s important to avoid a “get it over with” mindset and be thorough in reviewing agreements, even if a quick resolution is preferred on both sides. 
  • Lying: There are many kinds of lies that manipulators may raise in a divorce. These include false accusations, lies about income or hiding assets. These types of lies are illegal and will be looked upon harshly by courts if they come to light. 

While some divorces are amicable and honest, many unfortunately are plagued by issues stemming from one or both parties’ manipulative behavior. It is paramount that individuals protect themselves by being thorough and avoiding any missteps when dealing with a manipulator in divorce. Having a trustworthy and responsive Maryland family law attorney on hand can also prove invaluable in such circumstances.  

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