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Avoid child custody problems this summer

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2023 | Child Custody

Most Maryland schools have recently been let out for summer break. For divorced parents, summertime often poses a few logistic challenges, particularly if both parents work full-time outside their respective households. Parents who keep their children’s best interests in mind can help avoid child custody problems when kids are on vacation from school.  

Throughout the summer, each parent might want to travel with their children, as well. Keep these tips in mind. It’s best to keep the contact info for an experienced family law attorney on hand in case legal issues arise on vacation that parents are not able to resolve on their own.  

Share vacation itineraries  

Following a divorce, parents go their separate ways and begin new lifestyles. However, because they share children in common, they must always keep lines of communication open, especially when one or the other parent takes the kids on vacation. A parent who is denied access to his or her children may feel threatened or worried about their well-being. Child custody disputes may be avoided by two gestures: Always provide the other parent with a vacation schedule, and never deny children access to their other parent.  

Consider using virtual visitation  

If kids go on a vacation with one parent, they can still “visit” the other parent by using virtual chatting devices, such as Zoom or Duo. This can also come in handy if one parent travels without the kids. Between exes, providing time for kids to have virtual visits is a way of acknowledging the importance of each parent’s role in their children’s lives. Even with the best of intentions, child custody issues might still arise during summer break, in which case turning to an experienced attorney for support may help resolve the issue in a timely manner.  

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