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How do car accidents impact one’s driving record?

There can be many negative outcomes that result from a car accident, from physical injury to vehicle damage to emotional distress. One thing that people may overlook when considering the overall toll of an incident on their lives is the issue of their driving record and, by extension, insurance rates. Here is some information on what to expect regarding insurance rates after an accident in Michigan. 

How long will an accident impact someone’s driving record? 

In most states, an accident will be considered when determining rates for between three and five years. Michigan is somewhat uniquely challenging in this area, as at-fault accidents stay on one’s record for seven years in the state. Additionally, Michigan accidents that cause a fatality or involve a DUI will remain on one’s record permanently. 

How much more should a person expect to pay for insurance following an accident? 

The answer to this question depends on many factors. First, the location where a person lives can have something to do with their insurance rates in general. Factors specific to the accident that may impact rates include fault, accident severity, age, and other components of one’s driving record. Overall, Progressive reports that the national average is a 20% increase following an accident. 

The bottom line is that car accidents can be expensive — often, more so than people may initially realize. That said, insurance is legally mandated for a reason, and the same policies that may come with a high price tag following an accident may also be an option for paying for vehicle damage and medical bills. Getting the right amount following a car accident can sometimes require legal support, which is why it is a good idea to speak with a Michigan attorney following an accident. 

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