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Does texting at the wheel make someone liable for a crash?  

Crashes in Maryland occur for all kinds of reasons. Often, one driver involved in the wreck will make some kind of significant mistake. They fail to check their surroundings before proceeding through an intersection or maintain an unsafe speed. 

Sometimes, people feel confident that a traffic infraction is serious enough to leave the other driver at fault for a wreck. People know drunk drivers are to blame when someone’s impairment leads to a crash. Distracted driving cases may seem like a bit of a gray area. Is someone who texted while driving at fault if they get into a wreck? 

Texting while driving is a traffic infraction

Maryland, like most other states, currently has a law against manually using a mobile phone while in control of a vehicle. Although the penalties for infractions are minor, with the first offense leading to an $83 fine, it is still a traffic violation. One driver breaking the law can help affirm someone’s claim that this specific driver is at fault for a crash. 

Provided that the other driver admits to texting or there is evidence of their infraction, including traffic camera footage or data records from their device, the other party involved in the crash can potentially hold the distracted driver accountable by pursuing a civil lawsuit. It is therefore important for someone who suspects that a driver caused a crash due to distraction to inform the police of their suspicions and follow up on the matter. 

If the police report does not accurately reflect the circumstances and someone’s losses are substantial, they may require legal assistance to obtain the best outcome. Holding someone accountable for negligent and illegal conduct while driving can help people affected by bad behavior reduce the losses they incur.

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