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What is a birdnesting custody arrangement?

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2023 | Child Custody

A majority of divorced parents in Maryland share custody of their children. Each parent typically has a certain percentage of parenting time, and the children move back and forth between their homes.

Traditional shared custody arrangements can cause a lot of disruption and anxiety for children. Shuttling back and forth between households can create stress as they try to keep track the location of their property, like their favorite clothes. They also have to deal with tension between their parents and hours spent in transit each year.

Sometimes, parents try different custody arrangements to reduce the stress on their children. A birdnesting arrangement can keep things more stable for the entire family. What does birdnesting mean in a shared custody situation?

The children stay in the family home

The birdnesting custody arrangement gets its name from how parent birds taking care of baby birds take turns staying in the nest while the other goes to get food. They share the nest with the children but are generally not both present at the same time.

Parents with shared custody in Maryland can have the children remain in the family home while the parents move in and out according to their parenting schedule. During active parenting time, one adult stays with the children in the family home while the other stays elsewhere. They then switch when the other adult has parenting time.

Birdnesting arrangements can benefit families in school districts with hard-to-afford or hard-to-find housing. They can also help those with children who have special needs and those who simply want to keep things as calm and stable for their children as possible. Considering unique solutions can help families come up with the best custody arrangements during a Maryland divorce.

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