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Should your virtual visitation setup change this summer?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2024 | Child Custody

Summer months bring a shift in routine for many families, particularly those navigating a co-parenting arrangement. This season often includes extended holidays, summer camps and family vacations, potentially making it important for co-parents to reevaluate and adjust the virtual visitation arrangements that work for them during the school year.

Children’s schedules often change significantly during the summer. They may have different bedtimes, attend day or overnight camps or participate in special activities that don’t occur during the school year. Such changes can make adhering to a school-year virtual visitation schedule impractical or even impossible. By adjusting virtual visitation times, both parents can ensure they continue to have meaningful interactions with their child without disrupting the child’s summer plans too significantly.

Considerations worth contemplating

Summer breaks often afford children more free time, potentially allowing for longer, more meaningful virtual interactions with whichever parent is not present at the moment. Parents might consider planning virtual activities such as watching movies together, playing games or reading stories over video calls, which could enhance the quality of their interactions. Adjusting virtual visitation schedules to allow for these extended sessions can help strengthen the parent-child relationship.

Vacations are a staple of summer for many families. It’s important to discuss and adjust virtual visitation schedules to reflect where the child will be during vacation times, ensuring that the non-present parent can still maintain contact. This might mean altering call times due to time zone differences or planning for days when the child might be traveling.

And while flexibility is important, it is equally important to maintain a (relatively) consistent schedule that provides stability for the child. Any changes to the virtual visitation arrangement should be made with the intention of preserving or enhancing the routine that helps anchor the child’s summer.

With all of this said, navigating changes to one’s parenting plan arrangements in this way might not be a straightforward process. Therefore, it’s important to remember that seeking personalized guidance is always an option.

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