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How long after a car crash do I have to file legal claims?

Every year, numerous Maryland residents are involved in automobile accidents. Most people walk away in decent shape, but as time goes on, injuries resulting from the crash may become increasingly apparent. By not pursuing legal action right away, some may worry that they have missed out on the opportunity to do so. How long after a car crash does a person have to file legal claims to seek compensation for their losses? 

Statute of limitations 

Every state has statutes of limitations. These are time limits placed on how long a person has to file legal claims. When it comes to personal injury cases, according to the state of Maryland, the victim has three years from the date of injury or discovery of the injury to file legal claims against the party believed responsible.  

What happens if I wait too long? 

Three years is a good amount of time to file a claim. If a person happens to wait longer than that, then he or she is most likely out of luck. The purpose of the statute of limitations is to prevent people from having potential legal issues hanging over their heads indefinitely. 

Don’t wait too long 

In Maryland, it is usually okay to wait a bit after a car crash to pursue legal claims. Just don’t wait too long, especially if it involves a potential claim against a governmental entity. An experienced personal injury attorney can help one determine if a case for compensation exists and, if it does, help one determine the best way to proceed. Through negotiation or litigation, maximum relief for one’s losses may be achieved.  

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